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If you haven't heard about Minecraft then you must of been living underneath a rock.  Everyone's mind was blown away with it's amazing sales. Who would of thought Minecraft would be this successful so quickly? Minecraft has already reached the 17 million sales mark and that number continues to grow at high speeds. It is currently on many different platforms such as:

  • Console : Xbox 360 (exclusively)
  • Android mobile
  • IOS mobile devices
  • PC and Mac

This game is popular for a reason. Anyone can create their own world with endless possibilities since it's a sandbox game. The players can create their very own characters along with a storyline, fight monsters, build amazing structures, and best of all: do it all together with your friends. Minecraft developers are constantly updating the game with new features which makes this game even more exciting. If this has peaked your interest for this game, you should definitely give Minecraft a try since you have nothing to lose. This website allows everyone to play this phenomenal game for free. You will be able to play Minecraft on that

site or download it to play on your computer. Happy gaming!